MD Creations is a line of energetically infused and blessed jewelry (currently only bracelets).  They range in price from $10-$30 based on crystals, size and time spent creating them.  Each bracelet is cleared of existing energies with sage, infused with Reiki healing energy and some are blessed with other energies such as angels, ascended masters, elemental energies.  Custom orders are accepted.  See my facebook page for pictures and postings of when they are created and put up for sale. 
Gratitude Journal -This is a free downloadable pdf gratitude journal to work through daily, raising your vibration to one of gratitude and magick.  Follow the practice and you will find yourself living a life of magick.  This practice when I began it in 2008 - literally changed and saved my life.  Click here for your copy.
My Spiritual Journey - a 30 day path to your soul's awakening. This is a free downloadable pdf journal that leads you through 30 days of thought provoking written exercises to help you to open up to your spiritual path and what that means to you.  Click here for your free copy. 
   "Right now, today, what could you share (life experience) with others that could make a difference in their lives?..."

Faerie Magick - ebook $5- Purchase here
Welcome to the world of Faerie magick and healing.  In this pdf book I share the information I have learned and experienced over the years working as a spiritual healer and teacher, closely working with the Fae and the elements. *Upon your payment, I will receive notification of your payment, please send me an email and I will reply with your pdf book! Thank you.
Living a Life of Magick...
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