Sacred healing of the Soul with Love and Compassion 
At this time, I am offering only distance healing sessions.

Healing sessions can be booked as a mini session (approximately 25-40 minutes) or a full session (approx 60 + minutes).

​I use a combination of Usui, Kundalini, Crystal Reiki, the 
Shamanic Healing techniques I have learned, and the energies of crystals, herbs, flowers and colors for my healing sessions.  

I also open myself and ask that any beings (angelic or otherwise of a high vibration) that wish to assist in the healing, come forth and work through me as its channel.  Frequent energies have come through from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Archangels Michael & Raphael and Quan Yin.   I do my best to not filter or question who or what comes through as long as the intention is pure and for the highest and best healing of my client.   It is my great honor to work as a channel for Spirit in this work. 

Recipients of my distance healings (in the comfort of your own home - I send the healing to you and instruct you on how to call it in) have given me tremendous feedback and I hope to do more of that work so that Spirit and I can reach further out to help others.

Schedule and Book Your Distance Session Now 
Upon payment for your session, I will email you to schedule a time and discuss with you what you wish to have addressed in your session.  Distance sessions are $45/half hour or $75/hour. Thank you. 

Ethereal Tantric Healing Magick (distance only) 
$88 per session - email me to ask for details and schedule.  I am happy to forward to you testimonials from previous clients.
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