Enchanted Gaia
​Marie Deforge
Kundalini Reiki
Online Certification Course $115
2 evenings, live webinars
Oct. 15th 7pm & Oct. 22nd 7pm

Join us to learn about and experience the feeling of Kundalini energy and how it works with Reiki healing.  You will receive 8 Kundalini Reiki attunements during these webinars and a complete Kundalini Reiki manual. 

The types of energy healing that come through with Kundalini Reiki include: Diamond, Crystalline, Birth Trauma, DNA, Location, Past Lives, Balance, Kundalini General - Personality Traits, Situations, Karmic Bands, House Clearings.

You will be sent your Master Certification upon completion of the course. 
Email to register: spreadyourwingsnfly@gmail.com 
Payment can be sent to www.paypal.me/mariedeforge/115